Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas #1

We started off Christmas Eve with a trip to Granny's and Papa's. The children were supposed to wear pj's and little man looked adorable with his Mickey Mouse PJ's on..and to complete the look he had his bib, hat, and converse. Papa Taylor always reads the Christmas story to us before we open presents. We are so lucky to have such a strong Christian man as the head of the family, and above all he is super sweet too. I know Joseph doesn't get the entire Christmas story yet, but in the picture he looks like he is trying really hard to understand!

And then presents........

Next we decorated cookies for Santa, and more red icing got on Joseph than the cookie I'm sure!

Family's times like this when I look and realize I don't have a baby little man is growing into a little boy! Hold your heart!

.....This was just the beginning of a great Christmas. More to come....
until next time

Monday, December 20, 2010


This year we decided to go to Hollywild to see the lights, and of course the animals. We all loaded up in grandpa and grandma's van....and it was crazy. I have never seen that many animals running around freely, or that many cars trying to maneuver through the animals. It was freezing and took a lot longer than we had all planned, but it was a fun trip that won't soon be forgotten!
Sweet baby!
Double trouble!

Oh Sam...always always snacking!

I wish i could say little man hated the animals...but he stuck his hand right through the fence, and into the animals mouth. Oh Hand Sanitizer!

And to end of course were sitting with your daddy!
Now..on to the next Christmas memory!
Until next time...

Saturday, December 18, 2010


It's finally Christmas, and I am beyond excited. I love that this time of year we get to spend with all of our family, we eat wonderful food, and lots of it, and we get to see Joseph celebrate Christmas and believe in the magic of Santa!! Oh, it's going to be good!

We started off the season with a work party. Joseph decided to hide under the table and Joe's work party with this point, whatever keeps him happy, we do! And this party was great because it was in a fellowship hall so we did not have to worry about being in a restaurant setting! (and look at his eyes..the look so green..LOVE)
Joseph was sitting with Granpa when Santa walked in..(and right now he would choose Granpa over anyone) He started smiling, and was not scared at all. I was a little worried because he has not seen Santa at all...but he did great!

Santa walked straight in and was greeted by all the children. While he was trying to speak to everyone my child was the one who walked up, and keep starting at him in awe. I hate this picture is blurry but I thought it was cute!

When it was time to sit in Santa's lap, Joseph had no problem with that either. He would have sat there all night (not to mention Santa had mini candy canes, and Joseph may have had 4, or 5, or...ok you get the picture). Santa also brought Joseph and wooden work bench, and we have spent many hours playing with it since the party!

Before Santa left, my child had to be held on more time. When I asked him to give Santa a hug, this is what we got. I am so glad that he was not afraid at all this year...and I cannot wait for Santa to come see us at our house.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and in all the hustle and bustle of the season, I pray we never forget why we celebrate this day. Whenever I go anywhere, and someone is checking me out, I always say Merry Christmas...not happy holidays, seasons greetings...none of that. This is Christmas and we celebrate it because God choose to send his son, to a dark world, to be our Saviour....and for that we should celebrate CHRISTmas all year!
Merry CHRISTmas everyone!!
Until next time...

Clemson vs. Carolina

My family came over to watch the Clemson/Carolina game this year at our house..instead of doing a cook-out we did breakfast, and it turned out really good! And NO-I am choosing not to remember the wasn't Clemson's year..but I'll always be a tiger!!
This is how Joseph and I felt after the game! Cutest picture from the night! Joseph and Sam both have Clemson jerseys with there name on them, and I'm hoping we can still wear them next year!
Ava has gone from toddler to "little girl" in a few short months. She always wants to help, and loved helping Joe in the kitchen that night!

But once Ava helps...everybody helps...bless it!

And this picture I thought was just cute. Joseph has learned to climb, and love to push something next to the wall, reach up, and turn lights and fans on and off. He is getting to be such a big boy, and so independent!

Until Next Time...and Go TIGERS!

Halloween 2010

Halloween...with a toddler!! Joseph was Snoopy this year...and he was not fond of it! He absolutely HATED the Snoopy hat with a passion. He would scream, kick, cry, and just lose it when he had it on. The only way we could get him to wear it was to cut the bottom of it, so it just sat on his head!
Ava, Sam, and Joseph...better known as Snoopy, Lucy, and Charlie Brown. They were adorable and this picture is after about 3 hours of treat-or-treating, and a candy overload!
Aww Charlie.....doesn't he look identical to the real thing?

One of my favorite pictures.....I'm sure in his mind he is thinking...ok I've got the hat on, take the stinkin' picture, and let's move on!

A typical face of my toddler...I'm not sure when Joseph went from a baby to a toddler...but this stage is fun...attitude and all!

And this is our attempt at our picture with Buzz and Emma the Cow. Buzz was great, Snoopy and the Cow opted for a meltdown at this time!
Halloween was fun this year, but next year we may do an easier, regular clothes-kind of costume...or we could buy a bigger hat! HA
Until next time...

Niven's Farm 2010

In early October, the Wentzkys and the Scotts traveled to Nivens Farm to pick out pumpkins, and play. It was a great day, and no crowds. These two boys are going to grow up so close...and probably get into more than we can handle..but aren't they just adorable!? Sweet Sam..he was the only one not afraid and flipping out in the tube....

The 3 Amigo's....Joseph and Ava would have stood watching Bubba the cow all day if we had let them!
Our attempt at a family bad Joseph doesn't feel the need to look at the camera! the cow! I just love how he puts his feet up so he can see better

Me and my little man...sitting on a little bench!

And on a tractor. Joseph loves everything that has anything to do with transportation...and especially the tractor!

Until next time...

Monday, October 11, 2010

18 months!

WOW! 18 months. How did we get here so fast! I still can't believe that you are a toddler!
Where did the time go?
During our 18 month "photo" didn't want to put on love after bath time when you can just run around in your diaper (you'd prefer going nude...but this blog is PG). I love it!

We went for your 18 month check up, and you did great. You talked the entire time, and barely cried when you got all 4 of your shots. Daddy was there to help, and the sucker was a great distraction!!
Your measurements for your appointment were:
Weight: 25.06 lbs (39%)
Height: 32.75 (65%)
The doctor said you looked wonderful, and growing nicely!!

You are so smart these days! (and I may be a little partial) You can point to your nose, mouth, teeth (which you are showing in the picture above), eyes, ears, hair, toes, feet, and hands. You are most adorable when you point to mommy's or daddy's body parts...we can't get enough of it!

You also talk constantly...I am not sure you are ever quiet unless you are eating, or sleeping. You answer us when we ask you questions with a head nod..or a "No"...sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes not so good.
You are still such a great sleeper. We have our night time get in the bath, get in pj's, drink some milk, and off to bed you go. You never make a peep, and in the mornings you will lay there quietly on most days until we come get you up...and even if you want us, you just call our names until we come.

On our way to the baby sitter's in the morning, I give you the book Polar Bear, Polar Bear...and you open it up and read it all the way to work. I love to hear you mumble, and blab in the mornings.

You still give such sweet kisses. Most times if we ask you will walk up, and just close your mouth and make a "mmm" sound until you get a kiss. When you want to go to another room in the house, you call either mama or daddy and you want us to hold your hand. You have us so trained...but we are ok with it!!

Joseph, I still can't believe you are 18 months old. You are truly the best thing that has ever happened to your Daddy and I. You are so active and keep us on our toes...but we learn from you daily. You are amazing...and we are so thankful to be your parents. Love you sweet boy!!
Until next time...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

...Catching up is hard to do!!

...Could I be any worse with keeping up with the blog?? There is so much going on, and it takes a backseat...but I'm trying to do better!!
In August, we headed down to Pawleys Island for a week long beach trip with the Wentzkys! We had a blast, and Joseph was loving having his two cousins to play with. We ate so much, played, and just hung out. Couldn't have asked for a better week!!
Sweet Joseph...he's getting so big! I'm not sure when he grew up so much!
We went to Ripleys Aquarium....him and CJ would have stayed there all day I'm sure!

Cutest shark butt you have ever seen!!!!!

I love this picture. The beach had maybe 30 people on it during the day..and about 5 at night! It was glorious!

......yes's Buzz Lightyear at his finest!

Sweet Emma Rose....and those chunky legs!

Family Photo, 2010...too bad Joseph wasn't interested!

.....and he's still not into the pictures!

Doc and Ma-Ma with the grand kids!
We had a wonderful time...and cannot wait to do it next year!!
Until next time...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In early August we ventured down to Clemson for Fan Appreciation Day 2010. It was SO HOT, but we made memories and hopefully this will be something that we continue to do year after year. I hope and pray that Joseph will be a Tiger, but I will tolerate whatever he chooses to do with college and which team to support. (but I don't think I can ever really cheer for a gamecock!) In his car seat, on the way! At this point we were happy...because we were in the air conditioning!
Sweetest picture. We went with Erica, Ava, Sam, Grandma, and Grandpa! Here is Sam and Joseph overlooking Death Valley!

Joseph was not a fan of standing in poor Joe walked...and walked...and walked Joseph all around the West End Zone!

Joseph with Coach Dabo Swinney!! I really hate it that I didn't fix the lighting on the camera before the I'll need to work on that!!

Joseph and his sweet jersey...(that we wear every Saturday to support the Tigers)! You can see just how hot he was...just look at the sweaty hairline.
All in all, it was a fun day! I always love Clemson, and could seriously go back every weekend and never get tired of it!! GO TIGERS!!
Until next time...