Friday, March 23, 2012

You are Three!

Oh my sweet little man...

You are three today. You are one amazing little boy, and I fall head over heels for you a little more everyday. Your laugh is contagious and your hugs are sweet. You have grown up so much this past year and every day you are learning something new.

You are completely potty trained now, and you are starting to want to dress yourself. You adore your daddy and you say you want to be like your Grandpa when you grow up. At school I am pretty sure you are the class clown, (considering you got sent out of 3k this week for laughing)!

Your favorite things right now are pirates and CARS. We watch Cars 1 or 2 everyday. You sleep great, but somehow always end up in between your daddy and I during the night. You love to go to school and have even said you have a girlfriend named Lauren....not sure how i feel about this yet.

You love church and I pray that is something that won't go away. You still have di-di, and it goes wherever we go. You only like one pair of shoes because they make you "super-fast". You are a bottomless pit when it comes to eating....I'm still not sure where it all goes.

Joseph, you are one amazing little boy. Your love for life, and your sweetness is what makes you special. Your Dad and I cannot get enough of you, and it's an honor that we were chosen to be your parents. We will always support you, love you, and stand up for you.

Joseph I hope you always remember...we love you more than you will ever know, but God loves you more than we ever will.

Sweet Kisses my sweet boy......on to year number 4!

Until next time......

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We had a wonderful Christmas morning. The funny thing that is so us, is we overslept..YEP! We were supposed to be up and at grandma's by 9:30...and we woke up at 8:30. So it was a quick look at what Santa brought, change clothes...and get out the door! We love Mickey in this house! Ma-Ma got us this Mickey at Hobby Lobby and it was by far Joseph's favorite decoration!
All set up for Christmas morning. Santa brought us an Elmo, Woody, a Stuffed horse, books, dvds, an ABC thingy..and any thing from the movie cars that he could find.

And the four-wheeler. Joe and I went rounds for this thing, and he won out. I think joseph was a little small for it, but Joe insisted and I'm so glad Santa brought it. Joseph loves, loves it. Took him a while to learn how to turn, but he rides it everywhere now!

I felt so bad we overslept. Joseph is not a morning person, and then all this when he got up. Later on in the day he was much more excited about it all!

And out of everything, the mini cars from the movie CARS won out. The little things in life I guess.
Then we were off for breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa.....
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My letter to Joseph...

Oh my sweet little man,

I cannot believe that I am writing you a letter on your 2nd birthday. It seems like yesterday your dad and i were leaving the hospital, and praying to not mess up as parents. You amaze me everyday. You learn new things constantly, and you talk with us non-stop. My favorite thing about you right now is your belly laugh. When you get tickled, you can laugh and brighten a room. You love airplanes right now, and giggle and say "hey" and "bye" to them. You got so many different kind of airplanes for your birthday and to say you are obsessed with them is an understatement. You also love to play outside right now. It's been beautiful weather, and you cry every time we have to come inside. You still have "didi", and it's your best friend. You love to eat Mexican food..(yes, you are my child), and you adore your daddy. You also think your grandparents are great too, and they are wild about you. You have a schedule and if we stick to it, everybody is happy. You make me smile constantly, and my favorite part of the day is getting off work, and hurrying to get to you.
Joseph, you are such a special little man. When we found out about your kidneys we were so scared. We prayed for you, and this past week you got released from the kidney doctor!!! I was so relieved, but shouldn't have been surprised. God answered our prayer, and you are perfectly healthy. You are so active, and rarely meet a stranger! Looking back over the past two years I could laugh and cry. I love watching you grow up and turn into your own little person, with your own personality. But I also miss every stage you go through. You are growing up too fast, and I promise I will put on brick on your head soon, and make you stop! :)

Joseph, your Dad and I completely adore you. You are a wonderful, amazing little boy and we are so blessed and thankful that we were chosen to be your parents. I hope you always know just how loved you are. Happy Birthday my sweet little man!
Daddy and Mama
Until next time...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas #1

We started off Christmas Eve with a trip to Granny's and Papa's. The children were supposed to wear pj's and little man looked adorable with his Mickey Mouse PJ's on..and to complete the look he had his bib, hat, and converse. Papa Taylor always reads the Christmas story to us before we open presents. We are so lucky to have such a strong Christian man as the head of the family, and above all he is super sweet too. I know Joseph doesn't get the entire Christmas story yet, but in the picture he looks like he is trying really hard to understand!

And then presents........

Next we decorated cookies for Santa, and more red icing got on Joseph than the cookie I'm sure!

Family's times like this when I look and realize I don't have a baby little man is growing into a little boy! Hold your heart!

.....This was just the beginning of a great Christmas. More to come....
until next time