Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things I will miss, and things I won't miss...

Throughout the last weeks of this pregnancy, I am starting to think about things I will miss about being pregnant, and things i wont....

What I Won't Miss...
  • waking up nearly every hour of the night to go the girls room
  • waking up every night to chug milk for my heartburn
  • sleeping on my back or side because i can't lay on my stomach
  • being tired almost every night
  • buying new clothes that will only last me 9 months
  • the strangers that want to rub the belly, or ask me 20 questions about things that aren't there business
  • having doctors visits every other week where they feel the need to inform you how big you are measuring, and how much you weigh
  • hearing every one's (sometimes) terrible labor stories

What I Will Miss...

  • the kicks, pokes, and jabs that happen everyday that only I can feel
  • having the baby all to myself to talk to and feel, and not having to share him with anyone
  • the smiles you get from people when they realize you are pregnant
  • watching his sweet daddy talk to him every night before we go to sleep

I am sure there is more to post but that's all I can think of for now...will add more later...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Still I will Worship you...

Sang this song in church Sunday... and cannot get it out of my head! means more now than ever before!

I know that You are strong, I know You’re more than able
To save me from whatever, Ever comes my way
I know You are a healer, I know You can deliver
I know that You can rescue me

But even when I cannot see Your hand
When You move in a way, That I would not have planned
Still I will worship You

I will worship You, in the midnight hour
I will worship You, when I'm in the fire
I will worship You, when all hope seems gone
I will stand and proclaim that You are my God
....I will worship You.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

all smiles today!

What an Amazing Day!!!

Today was my third visit to the high risk ob doctor to check on baby Joseph's kidney! When we first visited this doctor we were thinking the worst...our news from that visit was that he only had one functioning kidney, which was OK...people live with one kidney all the biggie!

The second visit we were told there may be some function in the kidney, but more than likely it would shrink, and again...still only one functioning kidney.

Joseph and I accepted this, dealt with it and moved on. We knew he would be fine, but just a few drawbacks...(like more doc apt, more uti's maybe, etc.)

Today we went to the doctor, and prayers were def. answered. We were told today that his right kidney is FUNCTIONING STILL!!! The doctor thinks that it may normalize on itself OR that he may just need a small stint put in the tube........but that both kidneys were working and would work!!!

I have never experienced a peace like I did today talking to the doctor...but I should have never been God still answers prayers and he performs miracles (I am so glad he just let me be a little part of this one)!!!

Only seven weeks to go and counting...We CANNOT wait to meet our little miracle!!