Monday, October 11, 2010

18 months!

WOW! 18 months. How did we get here so fast! I still can't believe that you are a toddler!
Where did the time go?
During our 18 month "photo" didn't want to put on love after bath time when you can just run around in your diaper (you'd prefer going nude...but this blog is PG). I love it!

We went for your 18 month check up, and you did great. You talked the entire time, and barely cried when you got all 4 of your shots. Daddy was there to help, and the sucker was a great distraction!!
Your measurements for your appointment were:
Weight: 25.06 lbs (39%)
Height: 32.75 (65%)
The doctor said you looked wonderful, and growing nicely!!

You are so smart these days! (and I may be a little partial) You can point to your nose, mouth, teeth (which you are showing in the picture above), eyes, ears, hair, toes, feet, and hands. You are most adorable when you point to mommy's or daddy's body parts...we can't get enough of it!

You also talk constantly...I am not sure you are ever quiet unless you are eating, or sleeping. You answer us when we ask you questions with a head nod..or a "No"...sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes not so good.
You are still such a great sleeper. We have our night time get in the bath, get in pj's, drink some milk, and off to bed you go. You never make a peep, and in the mornings you will lay there quietly on most days until we come get you up...and even if you want us, you just call our names until we come.

On our way to the baby sitter's in the morning, I give you the book Polar Bear, Polar Bear...and you open it up and read it all the way to work. I love to hear you mumble, and blab in the mornings.

You still give such sweet kisses. Most times if we ask you will walk up, and just close your mouth and make a "mmm" sound until you get a kiss. When you want to go to another room in the house, you call either mama or daddy and you want us to hold your hand. You have us so trained...but we are ok with it!!

Joseph, I still can't believe you are 18 months old. You are truly the best thing that has ever happened to your Daddy and I. You are so active and keep us on our toes...but we learn from you daily. You are amazing...and we are so thankful to be your parents. Love you sweet boy!!
Until next time...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

...Catching up is hard to do!!

...Could I be any worse with keeping up with the blog?? There is so much going on, and it takes a backseat...but I'm trying to do better!!
In August, we headed down to Pawleys Island for a week long beach trip with the Wentzkys! We had a blast, and Joseph was loving having his two cousins to play with. We ate so much, played, and just hung out. Couldn't have asked for a better week!!
Sweet Joseph...he's getting so big! I'm not sure when he grew up so much!
We went to Ripleys Aquarium....him and CJ would have stayed there all day I'm sure!

Cutest shark butt you have ever seen!!!!!

I love this picture. The beach had maybe 30 people on it during the day..and about 5 at night! It was glorious!

......yes's Buzz Lightyear at his finest!

Sweet Emma Rose....and those chunky legs!

Family Photo, 2010...too bad Joseph wasn't interested!

.....and he's still not into the pictures!

Doc and Ma-Ma with the grand kids!
We had a wonderful time...and cannot wait to do it next year!!
Until next time...