Friday, November 14, 2008

what a week...

Last time I wrote I began by saying how nervous, and excited I was to find out the sex of the baby! If you don't know by now it's a boy, and we are SO excited! Joseph and I go in and have the ultra sound...and i went in the doctor knowing i was having a girl. After measuring some things like the heart, head, etc...we moved south to the good parts. The lady doing the ultra sound pointed to the screen and said..."and right here we see his boy parts." Joseph's face lit up, and he never stopped grinning..i was also excited, but shocked! In our family, we never have this was a new thing for everyone on my side.

After the ultra sound, we were sent in a waiting room to talk to the doctor. She came in and was super nice. She talked about the sex of the baby and so on, then asked joseph and i if we were familiar with kidney disease...both of us a little confused and worried said no...neither of us had it in our families. She then showed us pictures of his right kidney, and told us it was enlarged, and they were not sure why. She then went on to tell us we would be seeing a high risk OB doctor before the end of the week, and then may go to a pediatric neurologist. Joseph and I were shocked, we went from the highest of highs, to a low in less than a hour. The doctor was so nice, but could not explain all of it to us, because it wasn't her specialty. She told us it looked like polycistic kidney disease but she couldn't be sure. Before we left we had our appointment with the other doctor, and our next appointment with her......whew!

Joseph and I left that day on top of the world, because we were having a boy....but we also were very aware that something was wrong, and we had no clue what to do. Over the next day, I worried, Joseph would not talk about it, and we were holding on to hope and our God for the answer. People all over were praying for us, my mom's friend in washington state, and preacher we know in the Ukatan, and family and friends all around greer, and let me stop and say...we felt the prayers for baby wentzky, and that gave us comfort waiting on the next doctor's appointment

On Wednesday, November 12, Joseph and I went to Dr. Greig, who is a high risk OB. First off the nurse who did the ultrasound was beyond nice. She was so sweet and made a very difficult situation for Joseph and I better. We got to see his face in 4-d, and all his body was amazing to know this baby was inside of me, and depended on me for everything. After about an hour ultra sound, joseph and I were again sent to a room to wait for the results.

After about 3o minutes the doctor came in and talked with joseph and I. Thankfully, our baby did not have polycistic kidney disease...which was an answered prayer (seeing as the doctor told us this was fatal). He let us know that our baby had multicystic kidney renal difusion (I think this is right) It all comes down to his utera on his right kidney did not develop, and his kidney is full of fluid but has no where to go. He then went to tell us about the rest of the pregnancy and how it would go...

Basically I will be monitored closely for the rest of my pregnancy, we will meet and talk with a pediatric urologist, who will be there when baby wentzky is born. After he is born, if his kidney does not go down, it will need to be surgically removed, which is minor surgery. So we know at this point our child will only live with one kidney....and we are so thankful God gave us a spare!!

This week was extremely hard for Joseph and I. After the ultrasound on Monday, and the news we had there I found myself singing the same song over and over.....almost everyone knows it..

but it says...

God is Bigger than, the air I breathe, the world we'll leave.

God will save the day, and all will say, my glorious....

Singing this song throughout the day gave comfort to me knowing that The God I serve is bigger than any problem baby wentzky will face in the future. On Wednesday we found out great news, and that our boy would be ok, and would live a normal life. If you were one of the one's who prayed for baby wentzky, we are very thankful, and we felt a peace in the doctors office. I'll ask for you to keep praying, we have 19 weeks to go and alot could we still will appreciate the prayers...

I'm putting pictures on here for you to see of our beautiful baby boy...


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tomorrow is the day...

As I am sitting here tonight, I find myself rejoicing, nervous, hopeful and scared. Tomorrow morning we go to the doctor and find out the sex of the baby. Even though that is a major excitement, they also are looking to see if the baby is growing right, measuring right, etc. Even though i am sure everything will be fine, my protective, worrying, mama-self is kicking in. I have felt like it was girl the whole time, so we will see if my instincts were right!!
Also, tomorrow is my one year anniversary with joseph. We have been through it our first year, and it's exciting to make this milestone. Through every up and down, and back and forth, he has stood beside me the whole way. I hope I have been a great wife to him, and have loved him back as much as he loves me. He is an amazing man, and I thank God everyday for bringing him into my life.
As I sit here and complain, and vent about my worries, I am reminded that God is in control, and he already knows what the outcome will be tomorrow. So many times I find myself worrying and trying to figure things out myself, and I need to learn to hand it over....he's up all the time anyway! A Bebo Norman song lyrics reminds me that God is in control, and how grateful I am to serve a God who takes my worries, fears and carries them as his own.....
I am in the sun, I am in the shade
I am in the light that love has made
I am in the cold, I am in the warm
I am in the center of your storm
I am in the fire, I am in the flood
I am in the marrow and the blood
When you cannot stand...I am

Have a wonderful night.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The First Flutter of My Miracle!

Today around 1:00 as I was walking and talking at work, I felt the slightest flutter on the left side of my was an odd feeling, but very real. The baby waved at me today from the inside (or at least that's what I am saying) and it was exciting. I find myself day after day getting more and more excited about becoming a mom. I am also trying really hard not to say "the baby wasn't planned", when people find out I am preggo. Yes, the baby was not in mine and Joe's plan, but it was in God's plan, and that's enough for me! His plan is better anyway.
Tonight at life group during prayer requests, i requested prayer for Joseph and I. No matter how long we dated before marriage and how much we knew of each other, we still are learning things day after day about each other. We have ups and downs, as most newly weds do, and we are learning about this whole marriage thing together. Now with a baby coming, it makes it that much more scary. I know that Joseph and I have no clue the journey we are about to take, and the turns ahead...but there is NO ONE else I'd rather have beside me than my Joe. He is my rock when everything else falls apart, and I have no where else to go he's there.....and I will forever be thankful.
Today was my Mom's 50th birthday...and I am so lucky to have a wonderful mom, and a great friend...Happy Birthday!! love you...
g'nite all..........................

Sunday, September 28, 2008

update on baby...

This Tuesday I went to the doctor for a regular check-up. It was super quick, but everything was good. The doctor listened for the heart beat, and it took the doc almost five minutes to find the heartbeat. Although the heart beat was strong when found..(150), those five minutes seemed like an eternity for me. At the begining of the pregnancy, which was not expected, the pregnancy seem unreal. But when you hear the heartbeat, everything turns around, I was so relieved when the little beat, beat, beat was heard.
Another funny thing with pregnancy is what i eat. Tonight Joseph and I decided to just have sandwiches. Joseph wanted pb&j, and I wanted deviled egg. So i cooked up deviled egg, didn't put it on bread, and ate 5 pickles with meal I have had in a while.
Enough for now...desperate housewives is coming on soon......

Monday, September 15, 2008

my first 'bout of morning sickness....ugh

Not that anyone cares, but this morning i had my first experience in 12 weeks with morning sickness. I woke up, showered, and felt normal. On my way to work i realized i was getting a little queezy! I ate a banana, and that settled my stomach for all of 15 minutes! I was sitting in our morning meeting, when i started feeling it coming on...but nothing would come up. For about an hour i just dry-heaved (spelling??) and could not get anything up. I don't know about anyone else but i would rather get what needs to get out-out, rather than trying without any results. Finally my wonderful friend barbara gave me chicken noodle soup at 10:00 and it was a miracle worker. After I gobbled it down i felt so much better. The rest of the day was a little up and down....still gaging, with no results, but i can handle it. Hopefully i had my one experience, and that's enough. I realize I am just rambling, but it is 9:15 and Joseph isn't home someone needs to hear my worries and aches of the day....and you are the lucky winner!
Enough for now.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

and baby makes three...

Since I haven't been on here since June...there is alot to talk about, but it's about bed time so i will only tell the good stuff. On July 17 our little great life of just Joseph and i was completely turned upside down...there were two lines on the pregnancy test, and we were having a baby. All of the sudden every possible emotion you can think of went through my mind. i was excited..(we were having a baby, who wouldn't be?), i was scared...(Joseph and I could hardly take care of ourselves, and now we would be responsible for a child???), and so many other things. Over the next few days Joseph and i finally lost the deer caught in headlights look, and we knew we could take on the long as we did it together.
i really cannot complain. My pregnancy so far has been great. no morning sickness, no sickness really at all. i am just tired a lot, but I'm enjoying the sleeping while i can. we went to the doctor on august 27, and saw our little miracle on a screen. Even though the baby was hardly the size of a grape it stole mine and Joe's heart in a matter of seconds. The ultrasound tech told Joe and i that everything looked perfect, and i think we both breathed a sigh of relief that we had been holding in since that night of two lines!!
I still laugh when i think about having a baby. It was not planned(so much for the money i spent on birth control) and actually we were told we would have trouble getting pregnant. God laughed at what the doctor said, and he also laughed at our plans. Even though this wasn't the plan we had, it was God's plan...and it is perfect!
That's it for now...bed time!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future"
Jeremiah 29:11