Tuesday, February 23, 2010

11 Months!

Wow! 11 Months old...geez! My sweet baby is almost one, and so much fun! He is starting to show so much more of his personality lately, and it just makes us laugh. He is standing more on his own, and will take steps now with only holding one hand. He has two new teeth coming in, which will bring the grand total up to 6 teeth total...and believe me, when you brush his teeth, you will feel everyone of them. He also can crawl faster than we can keep up with, and still loves bath time. He absolutely loves water, and when we put him in the bath he sticks his whole face into the water, and comes up laughing!! He also tries to drink the water coming out of the faucet. He is, and will definitely be a handful! He loves to eat, and can down a sippy cup in a matter of minutes!

He also babbles all the time. He says "dadadada", "nononono", and "mamamama". He also says bye, bye while waving his hand. Bye bye is probably the most clearest one, and the rest are just constantly repetitive. HA! But we love it nonetheless.
He constantly reminds us of how blessed we are, and we adore every minute with him. I can't believe my next post will be at a year old! How time flies....
Until next time....
(by the way, that's water on his pants, and NO he didn't have an accident)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

...oh where...

...oh where, did my little man go?

WOW, how times flies! He's growing so fast.... (sniff, sniff)
Until next time....

Monday, February 15, 2010

..double fisting!

Oh my...I have a wild man on my hands! He has turned into a happy, loud little boy over the past few weeks. The pictures here show him playing with sweet Sam....we just have to watch him, b/c little man loves to grab Sam's curls!! Both boys are standing...and doing the side step!! HA... This is just another typical picture. Both are wild at times...but they are two of the sweetest boys you will ever see!
Also, at 10 months little man went to exclusively formula...which is working out great (for everyone involved)!! He went to formula without a glitch... We have started with a sippy cup and little man is doing great, but the funniest thing by far is when he carries it around in his mouth while playing!
The pictures below show him in different steps of the sippy cup (or as we called it.."double fisting)...but it's backwards and I don't know how to fix it!! Enjoy!!

Until next time...