Monday, March 30, 2009

One Week Old

Guess Who is One Week Old Today??

WOW! What a week! Joseph turned one week old today, and I cannot believe how much he has already changed. He already looks like a different baby. Some things Joe and I have learned about our child is...he loves to be cuddled, he makes all sorts of funny faces when he sleeps...(i hope to get a picture of that soon), he hold his legs up, grunts, and makes a face when he does a BM and it's hilarious, and he has a great appetitie.
Over the last week my whole life changed. I never knew that I could love someone who I have only known a week so much. He has his parents wrapped around his finger, and we spend most of our nights just staring at him, and taking turns cuddling...and there is nothing better in this world.
Who would have thought that 9 months ago, when Joe and I were coming to grips with having a baby so soon in our marriage that we would be this wild over our baby...I am so thankful God doesn't stick to our plans..
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He's here!!

Can I just mention how lucky I am??? This will be a quick post but I wanted to introduce you to baby Joseph. My water broke on Sunday, March 22...but I am stubborn and decided to call the doctor on Monday morning. Well I went in and they sent me straight to the hospital. Contractions started around 2:00pm, Epidural at 3:00pm, started pushing at 4:30pm, and THE SWEETEST BABY BOY EVER ARRIVED AT 6:29PM. He weighed 6 lbs, 10 oz, and is 20 inches long!!
The pics are backwards, and i don't know how to work it..but the first one is right before we went home...he is stretched out and comfy on the bed...he is so small he doesn't even fit into newborn outfits..but he'll catch up soon!

Meeting Daddy for the first time!
This picture was taken by me right after I delivered. I always knew that I married an amazing guy, but this picture makes me fall in love all over again. The last few days Joe has gone above and beyond to make sure I was OK and the baby!!! I am so blessed!

Before the delivery...isn't that cute!!?? (haha)
That's it for now...Joe is being the baby hog and I'm going to snuggle with Joseph for a bit...will post tomorrow with more pics!! the way..he came out peeing...(PRAISE GOD), hopefully he will be fine, and right now they say his kidneys (yes that is plural) are working great!!!
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the waiting game...

Ugh..the waiting game...not my favorite one! I went to the doctor last Thursday, I was 37.5 weeks along and he decided to check me, but said he didn't expect much....well much to our surprise I was 4cm dilated, and 90% effaced! So he told me he didn't expect for me to go to the due date, and I could go at any time. All day Friday I had contractions, about 4-5 minutes apart, but they just feel like we are just waiting.
Personally I think that he is comfortable again and taking his time...great! I know I still have two weeks left but I am so ready to meet the little guy and hold him...and patience has never been my strong point. I am also agitated at myself this morning. I tossed and turned all night, contractions, then nothing.....and I slept straight through the alarm clock and missed church...i really needed it today...but my fault, i knew better!
Our bags are packed and we are waiting....I will def. update when something happens....hopefully sooner than later....

Until then....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I have been blessed!

Have I ever mentioned I hate waiting on people who deal with the tv?!?! This morning direct tv is supposed to come and hook up another box in the bedroom...they are supposed to be here between 8-12. I know it is only 10:15 but I love to sleep late and I have been up since 8 waiting on direct tv, but I am still sitting here with no tv in the bedroom!! OH Well.....

A couple of weeks ago I had 2 of my baby showers! I was overwhelmed at the amount of stuff Joe and I receivied for the baby! I am so BLESSED with my friends and family, they are amazing, and No amount of thank you cards of words could express our gratitude. I will put some Pics at the bottom of the post of the gifts.

Today marks the 37th week of the baby is now considered full term!! YEAH!!! I am so ready to hold jospeh and get to see him!!! We went back to the high risk OB this week..he is weighing in at 6lbs, and has the chubbiest cheeks!! They also mentioned this week that now he may have to have surgery on his kidney. I could have easily got frustrated, seeing as since 20 weeks its been surgery, no surgery, surgery, no surgery! I left the doctor that day thinking...I serve a God that is in control, and surgery or not, my child will be ok...there is no use getting upset about something that is out of my control. They (meaning the docs) really won't know whether or not Jospeh will have to have surgery until he is out of the womb...and I will choose to believe he will be fine..and there will be No surgery performed. It's not in my hands so I will not worry about it....

Well it's back to waiting for direct tv....atleast they are better than charter!!
until next time... more thing...

Not that anyone may care..but i thought this was the cutest pics. We have two dogs...Ruby (an Australian Shepard) and Rigsby (a Bichon Frise). Even though they cause trouble now and again they are best friends...and this pics shows how much Rigsby loves her Ruby!!
You must look close..Rigsby fades into the fur on Ruby's belly!!
Love them!!!