Monday, May 31, 2010

still on the bottle?

Yes..I can admit it. Little man still has his bottle!! He dropped all other bottles like nobody's business when he turned one...but the bedtime bottle is still around. It's so hard because we have a schedule...I put him in the bath, and bathe him...his daddy gets him out, we both dress him and play for a minute...then Joe sits in the glider and little man walks over, gets in his lap, takes a bottle, and lays down without a hitch!! I am just not willing to give up the bottle yet, for fear of our schedule is going to be wrecked!! (and yes, I realize i said "I" in the last sentence.) However the other night, Joe and I just put little man in the glider, and next thing we knew, he was already working on his nighttime routine...Bless It! This child is just like his Dad, and Grandpa...he's obsessed with gadgets! Doesn't matter if it's remote, flashlights, phone, camera, or calculator...he loves it! It's so cute, because he gets so serious when looking at things.

After bath time, little man does play a bit. The other night he crawled out of his room and into the den. I walked in there a few minutes later...and he's on his car...NAKED! I swear this child would stay naked all the time if I let him. Might be cute now...but could be a problem later on!!

....Until Next Time...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

...zoo & WALKING!!

These past few weeks have been crazy busy!! We've had something to do every weekend, had a severe ear infection, had an allergic reaction to meds, and taken 3 antibiotics...whew!! The docs say little man is now allergic to we go back Monday for an ear check, and hopefully there will be no fluid and no infection!

A few weekends ago we went to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. We had so much fun and hopefully little man did too. The animals were so pretty, and there were so many....but little man fell asleep before we got to the farm animals, and that's what we were so excited to show him, maybe next time!!
I have a new love for giraffes....they are so pretty!!
Little man enjoyed the aquariums....probably because he could get so close, or that it was air conditioned!! He also pointed at all the animals.. I can't wait until he gets older and we can go back!!

Don't you love these pics?!?! One of my favorite things to do is wake him up in the mornings. He is not a morning person at all, and it takes a while for him to actually get up..but he's so adorable when he's trying to wake up!

Nice shot of him picking the nose....he's found his nose holes and ear holes, and he sticks his fingers in them often!

This is what we see alot of mornings, if he wakes up on his own...he's always peeking over the rails!!
AND THE OTHER BIG NEWS....LITTLE MAN WALKED TODAY!! He has taken a lot of one and two steps but always falls. So tonight Joe and I would sit across from each other and he took 6 steps all on his own without falling...I'm pretty sure life is about to get a lot more interesting. Lately he also shakes his head "no" and "yes".... and can say Mama and Dada to us, instead of just babbling it!!
He makes life so much better, and I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks hold...
Until Next Time....