Friday, October 23, 2009

7 months.

So this is how our photo shoot went today!! Joseph was way more interested in the paper than looking at the camera! But he is such a big seven month old...YAY!! This past month little man is sitting up all the time, and loves it. We put him in the floor, put toys around him and he is good for a while....
Also this month...
  • he fights us every time we change his diaper. For so long I wanted him to turn over, but now it's getting more and more difficult to put a diaper on backwards.
  • he smiles at everything, and his laugh is contagious!
  • he wears size three diapers
  • wears nine month clothing
  • eats almost 3 meals a day, yogurt for breakfast, fruit for lunch, and if he feels like it vegetables for dinner.
  • he is the best baby to take out...but nosey! He will seat in his seat and play the entire time, but constantly turns to make sure he's not missing anything...(but he gets it honest)
  • weighs 18.7 pounds
  • adores his dad, and looks for him when he walks out of the room.
  • is not crawling yet, but just scoots around on his hands to get what he wants.

He is such an amazing little guy, and every day I get to spend with him is truly a blessing. We are so lucky to be his parents, and try every day not to take it for granted. Also we are going next week to the eye doctor..they thinks its a clogged tear duct....and we've been dealing with it forever ( or 7 months at least) I'm relived to get this over with.

I guess since it's 12:00 I should go wash bottles and hit the hay....
Until next time...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Letter to Joseph!

Dear Joseph,

Today you were dedicated at church. Your Daddy and I stood up front and made a commitment to God and everyone that we would raise you in a Christ-centered home. I pray and hope that we don't disappoint. We are by no means perfect, and we will make mistakes...but we will always try our best. We hope to teach you to have a heart for Christ, to love others, to not judge, to be kind, respectful and a gentlemen. But most of all to seek Christ in all you do.

After church we all went and ate, and you are so blessed and lucky. Everyone there today was there because they love you, and hope to you grow up to be a Christian man. We ate, and ate until we couldn't eat anymore, but you slept for a were definitely worn out. You let everyone hold you, laughed, smiled, and enjoyed your moment.

You are an amazing little man, and you get sweeter everyday. I am so grateful that God choose your Dad and I to raise you. We will do our best, we will love you , care for you, be there when you fail, and be your biggest cheerleader in all you do.

At the end of the day Joseph I hope that you know your Daddy and I love you more than you will ever know....but God loves you more than we ever will!
Until next time...